• December 2, 2021

St. Thomas Vacation

St. Thomas Vacation

St. Thomas is a beautiful Caribbean paradise. If you are considering St. Thomas as a vacation destination then you are making a wise choice. The island is beautiful with great views from almost everywhere. Unlike many other places in the Caribbean, it is safe to move freely among the streets in town. If you have ever been to Jamaica then you know how it is to not feel safe out of the resort. The people in the Virgin Islands are friendly and easygoing. It does not matter where you stay as long as it is clean because traveling around the island is easy. You also do not need to pay for transfers to and from the airport. There are dozens of taxis that are much cheaper than transfers and are easy to acquire.

When picking to travel to St. Thomas, keep in mind that late summer is the off-season. It is much cheaper to visit during the off-season, but some attractions might be closed. The weather is very consistent, mostly sunny, 85 degrees, with a 10 mph breeze. If you want to go to Black Beards Castle (in the off-season) then you should go when a cruise ship is in the Harbor, or it may not be open. The island also has $1 taxis that are similar to riding a bus. These taxis have designated pickup and drop-off points all over the island. Which can make island travel very cost-efficient. The ferry at Red Hook travels to St. John, it is cheap and worth the trip. Both islands have many shops that sell tee shirts and trinkets to expensive jewelry and everything in between.

Between the two islands (St. Thomas; St. John) there are great selections of beaches. Sapphire Beach on St. Thomas is a beautiful beach. This beach has a great view with a lot of open sand. The snorkeling is great with a mix of coral and grass beds. The beach has a constant breeze from the Northeast. Secret Harbor on St. Thomas is a smaller and more interment beach. There is a restaurant on this beach called the Blue Moon Cafe. It has great food and reasonable prices. If you are looking for diversity in sea life then this is a great beach. In addition to the commonly seen see life there are sea turtles, reef squid, stonefish, barracuda, and angelfish at this beach. Trunk Bay on St. John is another great beach. This beach is in a national park with showers, a shop, and a concession stand. There is a lifeguard on duty on the beach. There is also a small island where you can snorkel around with a good variety of fish. The trees along this beach provide some natural shade.

St. Thomas is a great place to vacation, because of the ease of getting around and the beautiful beaches. The streets are clean and the drinks are plentiful. For the most part, the people are friendly the taxis are clean. Places like The Virgin Islands make you never want to go home.